West Hallam Parish Council Your Parish Councillors - in alphabetical order For details of local Borough & County Councillors please click here Councillor Helena Chapman 0115 932 8645 Councillor Barbara Harrison 0115 932 3000 Councillor Bruce Broughton 0115 932 3531 Councillor Tony Maclean 0115 932 3778 Councillor Bridget Adams-Shaw 0115 932 3000 Councillor Celia Stephenson 0115 932 2784

Register of Member Interests

West Hallam Parish Council has adopted a Code of Conduct for its Members that sets out rules governing their behaviour.  

The Localism Act 2011, under which the Code of Conduct has been made, places a duty on Councillors to register and disclose Discloseable Pecuniary Interests and certain other Interests, the descriptions of which are set out in the Code.  It is also a legal requirement that such declarations are published on the Council's web site.

Councillor Chris Barnes 0115 930 3240 B_Broughton Councillor Darren Adams-Shaw Vice Chairman 0115 932 3000 07517 989512 Chris Barnes Councillor Carol Hart Chairman 0115 932 2513 Tony Maclean H_Chapman D Adams-Shaw C_Stephenson For details of local member of Parliament please click here B Harrison

Disclosure of pecuniary and other interests forms for Parish Councillors may be viewed by clicking this link (updated July 2015)

B Adams-Shaw

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