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17-year-old Ilkeston Youth Completes Community Remedy after Admitting Damage at Powtrell Pavilion, Beech Lane

Powtrell Pavilion

A 17-year-old has completed a community remedy after he admitted causing damage at Beech Lane Recreation Ground. 

The incident happened on the evening of Wednesday, 26 June 2019 when the CCTV camera on the pavilion at the recreation ground was damaged. 

The circumstances were still captured by the camera  however and the footage used by officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood team to identify the suspect. 

The Powtrell Community Pavilion

Police Community Support Officer Julie Allen, explains: “When the young man and his parent were confronted with the evidence he was very apologetic and fully accepted responsibility.  We have also spoken to his friends who were with him and explained the possible consequences of such behaviour. 

“On speaking with the local Parish Council, who own the pavilion, they agreed that the matter should be dealt with through the community remedy process and, along with the Youth Offending Service, agreed that his offer to pay and an apology would be accepted. 

“The process gives the young man the opportunity to take responsibility for his actions without a criminal record although a police record is kept should a similar situation happen again.”

Chairman of the West Hallam Parish Council, Cllr Carol Hart, said she "was pleased with the actions taken in the incident with the damaged CCTV camera.  It would not seem right to give a youngster a criminal record but at the same time lessons have to be learnt and working with the community remedy service and paying for the damage deals with the situation in a good way and at the same time hopefully passes on the message to others that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable."

Derbyshire Connect Active Travel Service - a Consultation by Derbyshire County Council

The Derbyshire Connect Active Travel access to health transport service has been operating since October 2017. This service is funded by Derbyshire County Council and offers people who find it difficult to use conventional bus or train services a transport service to reach medical-related appointments, e.g. doctors, hospitals, dentists, clinics etc. This is a door to door service with the fare being based on the distance travelled. 

This service has been very popular across Derbyshire apart from in the Amber Valley and Erewash districts where passenger numbers are very low. The County Council would like to find out more about why so few people are making use of the service in order to make a fully informed decision about the future operation of this service in Amber Valley & Erewash.

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